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Why not just create my website for me?

We can and we will. But, we’d rather you roll up your sleeves and do it for yourself, anyway. At least the important parts. No doubt you’ve heard the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” We couldn’t agree more.

A bit of background…in around 2000-2004, while providing design services, we observed that literally, EVERYONE wanted to know how we did “it”. Well, in reality, it was a handful of clients who wanted to know why “it” took so long. They would review our hourly billing and do their best to squeeze every ounce of creativity they could out of us to maximize their budgets.

When you learn, teach, when you get, give.

Dr. Maya Angelou

Let them experience the process themselves, we thought. We offered to show clients how to do our job. We taught them how to crop an image, how to apply the Chicago Manual of Style when editing their text, how to select a colour scheme, and much more. Some clients discovered they loved our world so much that they changed careers, while others gained an appreciation for the blood, sweat, and tears we expended, having now shed a few of their own. Overall, it was a very positive move.

Our mission is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.

Randy Milanovic

One of the most amazing outcomes of that shift was an invitation to deeper conversations. Instead of being asked to crop photos, clients began asking our thoughts on strategy and promotion and meeting business goals. Meaty topics that are worth exponentially more. Seizing those opportunities, we introduced game-changing strategies such as the 3-Ps of Product, Process, and Performance that would help clients realize many times the ROI of their previous efforts. It is a solid win for everyone.

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In practice, it’s pretty much impossible to do it all for you, because we aren’t the subject matter experts. You are. For example, even the best writer can only write to their own level of knowledge on a topic. However, a skilled copy-editor can turn your draft into a must-read page almost effortlessly. Designers can apply visual design best practices that address the technical aspects of your project, but you’ll know first-hand about the nuances of your audience’s expectations for colour, tone, and space. We’ll learn it of course, but it takes time. You are the key to getting ‘it’ done faster.

That said, we can still help you get your website done. We can help you migrate your website away from Wix, Squarespace, and even other WordPress setups. We can help by training you to build your own website. We can help you set up an online store. And when we do, we’ll always invite you to do it with us, with the goal of making it your most powerful website ever.

Forever grateful, Randy Milanovic